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Friday, 10 February 2012 00:34

Motorcycle Clubs 2012

Affiliated Motorcycle Clubs/Promoters have a blue square

Club Name Details
24 Hour  Trial Organising Committee          Location: Barossa District Contact: Brett Tomkins
  Website: Contact Phone: 0419 848 298
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials
Adelaide Hills MCC Location: Mt Pleasant Contact: Matthew Ross
  Website: NA Contact Phone: 0408 823 853
  Disciplines: Enduro/Motocross
Adelaide Pocket Bike Association Location: Metro Contact: Ryan Bruin
Website: NA Contact Phone: 0422 578 210
Disciplines: Pocket Bike FF - RR
AJS Moto Trials Club of SA Location: Metro Contact: Peter Arnold
  Website: Contact Phone: 0438 100 310
  Disciplines: Moto Trials/Reliability Trials
Ariel MCC Location Adelaide Contact: Gavin Liu
Website: Contact Phone: 0407 867 424
Atujara MCC Location: Metro Contact: Jamie Smith
  Website: Contact Phone: 0405 614 771
  Disciplines: Road Race/Motocross/Dirt Track
Australian Sidecar Cross Association Location: Barossa District Contact Rocky Warren
Website: 0409 554 807
Disciplines: Motocross, Reliability Trials & Vintage Racing
Cafe Racer Club of SA Location: Metro Contact: Ralph Splett
  Website: Contact Phone: 0415 798 833
  Disciplines: Road Race 
Clare MCC Location: Clare Contact: Simon Jenner
  Website: Contact Phone: 0427 949 915
  Disciplines: Enduro/Reliability Trials



Location N/A Contact: Gerry Jongebloed
Website Contact Phone: 042747007
Disciplines: Endruo
Crystal Brook MCC Location: Crystal Brook Contact: Nick Seidel
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0429 419 712
  Disciplines: Enduro/Motocross
Ducati Owners Club of SA Location: Metro Contact: Brett Stephens
  Website: Contact Phone:

08 8359 1814

0432 592 019

  Disciplines: Social
Gawler MCC Location: Gawler Contact: Wesley Hayden
  Website: Contact Phone: 0438 824 614
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials/Enduro/Moto Trials
Historic MCRR of SA Location: Metro Contact: Les Bell
  Website:   Contact Phone: 08 8250 0136
  Disciplines: Road Race
Juventus MCC Location: Metro Contact: Alan Tassell
  Website: Contact Phone: 0435 509 4023            08 8250 2985
  Disciplines: Enduro/Reliability Trials/Road Race/Moto Trials
Keith & District MCC Location: Keith Contact: Michael Fry
  Website: Contact Phone:  0419 585 313
  Disciplines: Social
Keyneton MCC Location: Barossa District Contact: Andrew Warnest
  Website: Contact Phone: 08 8564 2987
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials/Enduro/Moto Trials
Kimba MCC Location: Kimba Contact: David Woolford
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0429 817 049
  Disciplines: Motocross/Enduro
Levis MCC Location: Metro Contact: Linda Harris
  Website: Contact Phone: 0438 738 574
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials/Motocross/Dirt Track/Enduro/Vintage Racing
Mallala Motorsport Park Location: Mallala Contact: Clem Smith
  Website: Contact Phone: 08 8276 7744
  Disciplines: Road Race
Meningie MCC Location: Meningie Contact: Sharon Gibbs
  Website: Contact Phone: 0408 823 185
  Disciplines: Enduro/Motocross
Morgan MCC Location: Morgan Contact: Tamara Morris
  Website: Contact Phone: 0413 910 272
  Disciplines: Motocross & Enduro
Motorcross Riders Association Location:

Gillman Track -

Phone No: 0406 447 797

Contact: Tania Corbett
  Website: Contact Phone: 0417 838 910
  Disciplines: Motocross
Mount Gambier  Junior Motorcycle Club                                   Location:        Mt Gambier Contact:     Jodi Dixon
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0438 388 042
  Disciplines: Motocross
Mount Gambier MC & LCC Location: Mt Gambier Contact: Lesley Baker
  Website: Contact Phone: 08 8725 0163
  Disciplines: Road Race
Mud n Tars MCC Location: Victor Harbor Contact: Verlaine Bell
  Website: Contact Phone: 0413 994 952
  Disciplines: /Dirt Track/Motocross
Murray Bridge MCC & SCC Location: Murray Bridge Contact: Tim McAvaney

Contact Phone: 0412 790 142
  Disciplines: Motocross/Speedway
Northern Track Promotions Location: Whyalla Contact: Neil Burston/ Geoff Brown
Website: Contact Phone: 0428 897 981/ 0428 897 981
Disciplines: Speedway/Dirt Track/ Motocross/ Quads
Phoenix MCC Location: Metro Contact: Glen Seidel
Website: Contact Phone: 0417 821 061
  Disciplines: Road Race
Port Augusta MCC Location: Pt Augusta Contact: Mark Maule
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0429 111 677
  Disciplines: Motocross
Port Lincoln MCC Location: Pt Lincoln Contact: Mark Ward
  Website: Contact Phone: 0427 540 116
  Disciplines: Motocross
Port Pirie MCC Location: Pt Pirie Contact: Guy Walsh 

Contact Phone: 0427 888 177
  Disciplines: Motocross/Enduro/Dirt Track & Vintage Racing
Quad Riders Association of SA Location: Metro Contact: Jodie Wood
  Website: Contact Phone: 0417 317 333
  Disciplines: Motocross/Enduro/Speedway/Stadium X/ Quads
Riverland JMCC Location: Renmark Contact: Andrew Lange
  Website: Contact Phone: 0408 378 404
  Disciplines: Motocross, Enduro, Dirt Track, Speedway & Quads
Roadskills Advanced Rider Training Location: Metro Contact: Stephen Drury
  Website: Contact Phone: 0418 847 926
  Disciplines: Road Race
SA Classic Speedway Association Location: Metro Contact: Peter Caddy
  Website: Contact Phone: 08 8263 0552
  Disciplines: Classic Speedway
SA Quad Clubs Location: Metro Contact: Ron Goldfinch
Website: Contact Phone: 0423063760
Disciplines: Enduro, Dirt Track, Motocross, Quads
SAPMAC Location: Metro Contact: Diane Nicholas

Contact Phone: 08 8264 5907  or                 0407 181 454
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials/Enduro
Sidewinders U16 Speedway Club Location: Wingfield Contact: Bronwyn Mitchell
  Website: Contact Phone: 0428 234 346
  Disciplines: Speedway
South Coast MXC Location: Old Noarlunga Contact: Bernie Kustermann
  Website: Contact Phone: 0401 186 078
  Disciplines: Motocross
Speedway Riders Association Location: Gillman Contact: Mary Mundy
  Website: Contact Phone: 08 8250 2935
  Disciplines: Speedway
Tailem Bend Motorsport Park Location: Tailem Bend Contact: Chris McArdle



0488 220 406
Disciplines: All Disciplines
Tea Tree Gully MXC Location: Tea Tree Gully - Greenwith Contact: Juanita Perazzoli
  Website: Contact Phone: 0448 864 497
  Disciplines: Motocross
Velocette MCC Location: Metro Contact: Ian Haylock
  Website: Contact Phone: 0401 020 553
  Disciplines: Reliability Trials/Enduro
Wayville Speedway Promotions Location: Metro Contact: Mark Gilbert
  Website: Contact Phone: 0418 835 104
  Disciplines: Speedway/Motocross
West Coast MCC Location: Ceduna Contact: Kelli Hoffrichter
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0488 198 278
  Disciplines: Motocross
Whyalla MCC Location: Whyalla Contact:  Paul Discombe
  Website: N/A Contact Phone: 0427 442 339
  Disciplines: Enduro/Motocross/Quads


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